Cabin 3

NBR has four cabins that sleep a total of 13 people in beds.  There is room for 6 additional people in sleeping bags in the lofts of cabins 1-3.


The central bath house is warm and modern.  The ladies’ side has 3 showers, 3 toilets and 3 sinks.  The men’s side has 3 showers, 2 toilets, 2 urinals, and 3 sinks.   The bath house is all solar powered.   We have our own well.

A sun room is attached to the side of the bath house.  It has tables and chairs and is enclosed in glass windows.  It can seat about 40 people.

There is a large central fire pit that easily accommodates groups of 20.

The ranch is about half sage brush and half pine trees with deep ravines and scenic overlooks.  We have walking paths and a few interior roads.

Sage Grouse

NBR has a conservation easement on most of the open areas of the ranch to provide a safe habitat for the Sage Grouse which is a threatened species. Please stay on the roads in the open sage brush areas.  Feel free to hike anywhere on the areas with trees and in the ravine behind the campground. Please ask if you have any questions about exploring an area.