We have four sleeping cabins at NBR.  Each one is nestled into its own spot so you don’t have to worry about close neighbors.

Cabin 1 is the closest to the bath house at about 100 yds away. It has a double bed and a recliner as well as space for 2 on sleeping bags in loft.

Cabin 2 is closest to the road and you can drive right up to it.  It has a double bed and twin bunk beds.  There is room in the loft for two people with sleeping bags. This cabin is about 150 yds from the bath house

 Cabin 3 has a double bed and a double futon. The loft can house two more people on sleeping bags.  This cabin is the farthest from the bath house at about 1/4 mile away.

Cabin 4 is the only one with a wood stove.  It has a queen bed and a private view of Lone Cone out the front porch. There is no loft.