1. Respect the wilderness and its animal life.
  2. Put all trash in locked green garbage cans between kitchen and bathhouse.
  3. No food in tents. Chipmunks and bears like it too much.
  4. Put all coolers inside cars or building when you leave camp. We have black bears.
  5. Use only the water and power you need. We are completely solar powered including the well pump.
  6. Keep vehicles on established roads.
  7. Stay on treed side of yellow topped t-posts to protect nesting spots of Sage Grouse. We have a conservation easement to protect the grouse.
  8. Dogs must be on leash or easy verbal recall.
  9. Horse manure and hay scraps must be picked up in campground and placed in designated spot.
  10. No mind-altering drug use in camp including alcohol and marijuana.
  11. Kitchen trailer is licensed as a vegetarian commercial kitchen. So, no meat can be prepared or cooked in trailer. You are welcome to bring a grill or camp stove for cooking meat.
  12. Have a great time! See if you can find God at NBR. He likes to whisper in our thoughts up here.

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