G4G can be adapted for active people of all ages. Let us know, what your dreams are and we will work with you to provide a special experience for your group.

Teen G4G

Christian Adventure Camp for teens ages 13-18 years old

Come on an outdoor adventure and discover a new connection with God!
Daily activities that include:

  • Hiking
  • Mountaineering
  • Rock climbing
  • Rappelling
  • Canyoneering
  • Day trips can include destinations such as Telluride, Mesa Verde, Ouray, and Moab
  • River rafting (can be included for an additional charge)

We close out each day by gathering around the campfire for worship and sharing experiences. Together we choose a spiritual theme and then learn and grow together in our walk with God as He shows Himself to us throughout the week.

Cost for *7 Days:

  • $250 per teen
  • $350 per teen with rafting
  • $150 per sponsor
  • $250 per sponsor with rafting
  • *G4G lasts between 5-7 days and price is adjusted for fewer days

G4G is based out of New Beginnings Ranch. The cabins sleep 4-6 people, and there is a central bathhouse with warm showers & flushing toilets. Two hot meals are provided each day along with a sack lunch to take on outings. All meals served are vegetarian but groups are welcome to bring their own meat and camp stove/grill to cook it on. Everyone takes turns helping with meal preparation and cleanup as well as cleaning of the bathhouse as needed.

Adult sponsors accompany the teens and assist our staff who guide and provide equipment for fun day trips. There needs to be at least one adult sponsor for every 5 teens and at least two sponsors for a mixed-gender group, one male and one female. Sponsors stay in the cabins and also are responsible for transporting the teens on the day trips.

Please contact Karen Carlson for bookings at

[email protected]

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